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Being a professional sales person is hard. Being a business owner is hard. Heck, any job is hard. People don’t pay other people for things that are easy. As a business decision maker or sales person, you have a lot on your plate and having a trustworthy sounding board can be extremely valuable. Mike Gione offers strategic solutions to complex problems. At Gione Business Consulting we help business owners increase revenues and reduce stress in the work environment.

Mike sets aside the usual rhetoric and looks at what truly affects business value. His goal is to quickly and effectively achieve a LASTING high quality environment for businesses to thrive.

In addition to his business strategies, his creative talents in art and poetry allow him to integrate words, images, music and video into the end product to inspire present and future action. Many times in business a workforce is simply in need of inspiration. Mike Gione can help provide that spark. Contact today for a free consultation.

“The ability to listen, communicate, motivate, and passionately implement is the difference between a successful business and a failed attempt.”

-Mike Gione


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Mike Gione can help businesses tackle tough challenges, work through bottlenecks, improve efficiency and increase ROI. Learn more about his business consulting services.
Building and training an effective team is hard. Not only is it important to find the right people, it is even more important to keep them around and motivated. Mike can help facilitate training, team building and more.
Executives rise to the top of their profession because they are constantly seeking answers to new questions. Mike can provide a different perspective on many management problems and can help make executives lives more productive.

If you are a salesperson and want to make more money, have more freedom and live a better life we can help. From tips on coldcalling to a coach to keep you on track and on goal, Mike is a master sales instructor who can help you earn more. 

The battle for daily consistency is one many hope to win, but find hard to stay on track. Sometimes you need a confidante, and sometimes you need a coach to kick your butt. Mike can help talk you through challenges, and how to deal with success. 

What Our Clients Say

"Mike is not only a great sounding board with good ideas – he really works hard to understand your business and connects the dots between human psychology, business, marketing, and strategy. He has been instrumental to our success.”

Anthony Hilb – Owner at Anthony’s Lawn Care & Landscaping

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